What We Look Like Now!

Check out Google Street View to take a stroll around our place! You can even walk through the side door to The Shakedown! Step on in.  

The Back Bar

Sometimes, through challenges and flaws come the better ideas. The wall behind the bar, where the back bar shelving goes, was just trashed and ugly. We didn’t want to cover it with mirrors as you so often see bars do (and they do for good reason, but it just wasn’t the way we wanted to […]


There was little lighting in the space when we moved in that we’ve kept. Lighting can get expensive QUICK and on our tight budget we had a challenge to find fixtures that complemented our vision and didn’t cost a fortune. Luckily, we had some black gooseneck barn lights that were purchased for The Shakedown but […]

The Bar Top Goes In

The bar top was one of the first things to be finished, months ago. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the last things to go in. Thanks to G.R. Plume for storing it for so long! It’s an enormous, gorgeous piece of wood (see more from the post a few months ago), and we had to […]

Behind The Bar

We have a REALLY narrow space to work with for the working area behind the bar. We’ve maximized space by cutting into the wall a little (the wall space between The Racket and The Shakedown is HUGE, so that helps). Here, we have a hole for the back bar cooler.     And here, we […]

In Between

The doorway between The Racket and The Shakedown is in!    

The Face Of The Racket

Part of transforming The Racket space is removing the “retail space” feel and letting some of the old hotel bits and pieces show through and make it feel more like a cozy restaurant/bar. We’ve done this at the front of the space by painting the old molding black, installing a window that opens, removing the […]

Upstairs is ALMOST ready

The upstairs pinball lounge has gone from “storage space” to something that’s really starting to look like a cool place to hang out. We’ve put tile down over an area that was finished with plywood. We’ve scrubbed down and polished the original, very abused, hardwood floors. We’re just about ready to move some pinball machines […]

Hey Bucko!

This old building has a lot of history, it started it’s life as a hotel in 1903 and has had a multitude of tenants and remodels since. In the little bit of digging in the walls we’ve done, we’ve found a few interesting things here and there. But this has been our favorite, so far. […]