What We Look Like Now!

Check out Google Street View to take a stroll around our place! You can even walk through the side door to The Shakedown! Step on in.  

Wainscoting, wainscoting everywhere.

Changes are starting to happen very quickly. One of the things we lack in The Shakedown is storage space, and so with this expansion storage became a priority. Thanks to Marvin, we’ll have more storage than we’ll know what to do with!       Marty and Heather┬áhave become experts at hanging wainscoting. This is […]

We interrupt this discussion about The Racket to bring you…

T-SHIRTS AND HOODIES!!! It’s been almost four years, and our customers have been asking for them just about that long, we finally have t-shirts and hoodies for The Shakedown! Now, there’s a little extra twist that goes along with the sale of this fine ware.┬áHere’s the thing, our sound equipment has been pummeled for almost […]