The Shakedown is open when we have a show or event, see our calendar

The Racket, our side bar next door, is open every day, 11am-2am


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The Shakedown


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The Shakedown
1212 N. State St.
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 778.1067


Booking : booking [at] shakedownbellingham [dot] com (please read below for more info)
Promotions : hollie [at] shakedownbellingham [dot] com

Please fill out our Confirmed Band Form once you have been confirmed for a date at The Shakedown.



We do them! We’ve done baby showers, birthday parties, staff parties and even a full blown wedding. Send us an email to find out more!



Make it easy for us to book your band! All our booking is done via email. Please do not call our phone line about any booking inquiries. Send an email that includes your band name and potential date(s) in the subject line. The booking world is a bit like speed dating, we need your best first impression in about 30 seconds. Things that will help to get our attention include: where else you’ve played in town, who you’ve played with, other bands your members have been in, and any other facts that will help us judge how many people you’ll bring into the venue.

Please send a link to websites or pages where we can stream your music (we love links to bandcamp and facebook). If we don’t have a way to check out your music and see what kind of following and history you have, you will not be booked.

If you don’t hear back from us, it is possible that we couldn’t find anything that would work for you. Our small booking staff is oftentimes too busy to respond to every email we receive, but sometimes emails slip through the cracks so please feel free to follow up with another email in a few weeks.

Out of town bands: If you do not already have a well established fan base in Bellingham, we may not be the spot for you yet. There will be no built in audience at The Shakedown, the people that come to the show will ONLY be there specifically to see you because they already know about you or the other bands you’re playing with. Bellingham is an awesome place to play, though, please try other venues or house show spots in town, make friends with other bands and we hope to see you here in the future! (Find band friends to connect with at www.bellinghambands.com)

We usually prefer 3-band bills and rarely book shows without room to add local (Bellingham) support.

The Shakedown is a 21+ venue. Please let us know ahead of time if any of your band members are underage. You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid ID to play at The Shakedown.

“No, really, why won’t you return my emails?”: We understand what it’s like to be in a band, we’ve been in bands. Real life touring ones too. But, sometimes, even if we personally think your band is pretty awesome, you may just not be the right fit for the venue or we might have a hard time finding you a place on our calendar. You can find some tips about getting your band booked all over the internet but start here and here.



Call us.
Mail a press kit.
Drop off a CD.
These things are guaranteed to get ignored and lost.



Please Note: We ask that you agree to book no show in Bellingham, 2 weeks before or after your The Shakedown show date. But we’re not monsters about this. Just ask. We’ll also ask that you ask the other venue. ‘Cause we like those guys too.



We’ll do everything we can to promote your show. We hope you will too.

Once your show has been confirmed, please fill out our Confirmed Band Form.

When your show at The Shakedown has been confirmed, please send any details or information along with links to web addresses, press, and images that you would like included in promotion to hollie@shakedownbellingham.com. We will need contact information for one member of your band (ideally, the one most likely to respond right away) for any local print or radio press that may be interested in a band interview or article. Please include websites and social networking addresses. Without a doubt, you know more about your band than we do and have a more direct connection to your fans, so please tell us what you want included in the press and then tell all of your contacts about the show! Bands that put effort into help with promoting their own shows have better turn out. You are your own most effective promotions tool.



Please don’t make your own Facebook event, we’ll make one for the venue that you can then use to invite your fans. You’ll be able to find this event through our website or Facebook page under “events” within a week of confirming the show. Please use this event to invite your friends and fans, as “The Shakedown” page does not have the ability to “invite” people.


We will take care of all poster design, printing and hanging, as well as local press releases, event calendars, and online social networks. Keep in mind that we’ll do all we can to make the night a success, but your enthusiasm can make all the difference. Tell your friends, post event information where you can. Help us help you.


The Shakedown may not be open when you arrive (if you’re on time, at least) but The Racket, our side bar, will be. Please check in with a bartender at The Racket for further instructions. Actual load in time is two hours before “doors,” when a sound engineer will be on hand for set-up and sound check if necessary and/or possible. If you get stuck in traffic, have last-minute equipment issues, or any other problems on the day of the show, please let us know by calling the bar phone or your Advance Contact so we can help solve the problem. You’ll load in through our front door. All bands will get a line-check before their set. Early load in and sound check may be available upon request. Please check with our booker at least 2 weeks in advance if an early sound check is needed.

All shows will start at 8pm on Sun-Wed, 9pm on Thur-Sat, unless otherwise noted. We ask that the first and second bands play 25 to 35 minute sets unless other arrangements are made ahead of time. Please practice good set etiquette. If you don’t know what this means, google it.



We will do our best to reserve a loading/unloading spot for bands in front of the venue, but if you find that none of the closest spaces are available, there is plenty of free parking up the block as well as to the left on Chestnut St. If you’re brave, you may want to double-park and unload quickly. No matter how brave, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT PARK IN THE “COLOR POT” BUSINESS PARKING LOT ON THE CORNER OF STATE AND CHESTNUT. They want to tow your van.

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