It’s been almost four years, and our customers have been asking for them just about that long, we finally have t-shirts and hoodies for The Shakedown!

Now, there’s a little extra twist that goes along with the sale of this fine ware.┬áHere’s the thing, our sound equipment has been pummeled for almost four years now. It’s about time for some serious upgrades. But we need a little (okay, a lot) of extra cash for that. And we want to find that cash the good ol’ fashioned way: SELL STUFF!
Proceeds from Shakedown merch and gift certificate (coming soon) sales will go towards sound equipment maintenance and upgrades.
You look better. We sound better.




Ladies cut, sizes S-XXL, $15




Mens cut, sizes S-XXXL, $15




Hoodies, sizes S-XXXL, $30



Stop by to purchase. Or very soon, we’ll have them available online to order and even ship!




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